Professional Projects

Joined G as a Senior Manager which is equivalent to Senior Technical Lead cum Architect, in its then recently acquired product company PNMSoft, to support development and implementation of Cora Sequence. Cora Sequence is a iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Software) built on top of, REACT, WebApi, Azure and SQL Server. My deep knowledge on Microsoft stack and Java script technology helped the team to improve the performance of the  BRS (Background runtime system) which is essentially the backbone of Sequence, by ~35%. This helped me earn my first badge of honor with in the organization!

Since then I worked with multiple other engagements where we need to modify the product behavior to suit customer requirements, until 2021.

Since 2021, I started working to build a proprietary SAAS platform (FABRIC) to support easy and configurable Sequence integration with customer back-end systems. Where the functionalities are being exposed as services to drive business automation. Here I worked mostly as a Technical Manager driving a large and distributed team of software engineers. This being a very high volume system my job is to :
                                                                             1. Mapping business requirements with user stories.
                                                                             2. Creating short term and medium term GOALs for the team using GROW principles.
                                                                             3. Manage GIT repository and review pull requests.
                                                                             4. Ensure maximum code coverage through automated unit testing.
                                                                             5. Planning task assignments and contingencies.
                                                                             6. Interfacing with other teams (both internal and external) to explain and drive right priorities.

New Skills :  Kafka, Azure APIM, React, Neo4j, ServiceNow, Management Consulting, People Leadership, Story Telling.


ASP.NET MVC 4, WCF, Web API, Open API, Azure APIM,
C# programming,
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,

Brief Description:
ESSC is a cloud based online subscription management platform (SAAS), built to support enterprise scale subscription providers. This platform exposes the capabilities of Dynamics CRM over Restful web services and supports sales of subscription, reporting of sales and easy on-boarding of partner Businesses.
ESSC enable ability for Portals to create and sell subscription services, provide customer subscription self-management, and automated KCI (Keep Customer Informed) notifications. Provide both usage and device entitlement management for customer subscriptions services. Integrated billing engine with transactional integration into financial solutions to ensure Tax Compliance, Revenue Management, Partner Invoicing, Monthly Subscription Management and Payment Gateway Services.


1. End to end development and delivery of the customer requirements from customer location.

2.    Coding complex modules of ESSC like Tax, Billing Order creation, shopping cart, platform components like generic billing engine integration module, Generic
Queuing to notify partner systems, Entity Creation and association etc.

3.    Modify and update multiple functionalities of Global Newton system, which is a large backend platform responsible for processing tax and billing for global users. Daily 25000 users use this system.

4.    Perform code review, status update for a 16-member team.

5.    Conducting status calls between onshore and offshore.

6.    Attending and providing customer demo. Lead changes in the design level.

7.    Help Wipro and Customer Architects with ground level updates and implement their suggestions in the code.

8.    Representing Wipro in front of Customer, providing proactive solution, define and implement standards and best practices, conducting technical interviews for new direct hires to name a few.

9.    Nurturing talent to leverage later phases of the project. Successfully prepared 5 resources to take higher responsibilities with in a very short time span.

ASP.NET MVC 3, JQuery, Telerik Charts, Kendo UI. WCF, Windows Services.
C#, LINQ, Entity Framework.

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Net forum is an internet website used extensively by Philips customers. This is used as an online forum of experienced professionals. This is also a content management system, online library, and a place to share ideas through web.  This is also used to monitor the utilization of the devices in different hospitals. It implements a robust iInsight engine which connects and downloads data from the different hospitals, process them and load the same extracts to the database. Telerik charts query those data through a SSAS Cube and shows the data on the web site.  This website

Also being used by business to endorse “Try and Buy” mechanism. It provides trial licensing for the customers. This project is based on Asp.Net MVC, Silverlight, SQL Server, WCF, C#, LINQ.

Taking complete ownership of the application – Working as a SPOC, SME and technical lead. Supporting the application. Providing value adds. Identifying potential opportunities. Communicating with the development team and the customer. Conducting KT sessions in and out. Enhancing existing features. Adding new modules. Executing CRs. Estimation of the development work. Migration of the servers. Version controlling (TFS) of the code. Preparing deployment checklist.
Deploying the changes to the Acceptance and Production. Creating test cases and performing UAT. Preparing RLS, WBS, FS for Adaptive and Correcting changes. Configuring acceptance and development platforms. Defining security measures


This project was about bringing in various IT Asset providers and respective consumers under one umbrella to optimize Asset utilization. So that each employee can see all the assets associated with him at one place as well as the total cost of ownership.
A centralized AD authenticated Web Portal was built to serve this purpose using MS technologies. Where a unified platform will communicate and fetch data from different platforms of different providers, like HP One Disk, SharePoint, External Services, Remote Disk Space to name a few.

End to end responsibilities of

1. Development of new modules as well as writing Store procedures.
2. Communication with the customer and understanding of the requirement.
3. Change implementation and tracking
4. Versioning control.
5. Tracking defects and resolutions using HP Quality Center.
6. Working with the Testing team to review test cases.


OMEGA is a web based performance monitor tool. It’s help up to analyze the activity of an employee for a single day. It also support claim processing and auditing. Following are the main functionalities of Omega:
1) Real time claim processing and auditing
2) Tracking the productivity of Agents and Auditors
3) User Management
4) Reporting functionality
5) Schedule Management

UI Design, Coding, Writing stored procedures, SSIS job setup, Report server monitoring. Defect fixing, providing support for performance testing.

ASP.NET, C#, Javascript, LDAP, IAM.

ProphIT is a PNI (Prompt and Instruction) tool which is used by the Capital One BPO services to assist customer in day-to-day work.

I was engaged in developing a tool for the team which will help them to find the User Details from the Active Directory.
The tool is a LDAP searcher tool through which we can get user information in a more convenient way as well as we can implement filters in the search as necessary.

Personal Projects

2016 : Cloud was an exiting new thing. Building an adapter code to support Hybrid cloud platforms. Switching between Azure, Aws or GCP to provide translation services for ESSC or similar solutions as a piece of Cake! All integrations are built and a rule based weighted algorithm to choose amongst the available alternatives received for a specific translation. This was very close to an intelligent system to translate a global website into different languages.

A rule based weighted algorithm to choose amongst the available alternatives received for a specific translation. This was very close to an intelligent system to translate a global website into different languages. All data stored in Dynamics 365 tables.
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