Object Oriented Programming Language.

OOPS : Object Oriented Programming language is the key of pretty much everything we see around us. Question is why do we needed this? Where does procedural languages fall short?
I believe we humans just follow and mimic the world the nature. We get inspired by the nature and try to unmask its mysteries. When I said unmasked I mean we try to discover a set of interdependent actions that can guarantee occurrence of the event that was a mystery to us. In this quest of repetitive pattern finding quest we went deep and far. We reached the quantum world as well as the mega black holes. Then comes the time where one day we had this incredible device that can do so many things Computer. To communicate with this incredible device we needed languages.
During the early days like a baby or a simple water fall the way of communication was simple, step by step, like the communication is itself is a great feeling ! But as the time passed the system started to get complex the world needed it to do more than just what it did. It need to now start talking the language of the other beings and there comes the OOP!
In our world everything is in a shape form or at least at a conception. Using those we built the world the way we see it today. Similarly OOP was built to mimic the same in the world of computers. Where the programmers were struggling to get more power to their hands, and they built OOP. This helped the devs built the program they always wanted.

C++, Java, C#, Python are some of the languages are so popular today. They are the foundation of most of the software world we are living today. So, knowing OOP is not enough, it never was. As a software developer you must master it! You must speak in these languages better than in your native language. This language is more clear than our worldly languages.

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