Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed System Design : Outstanding Links

While I keep looking for hidden gems, to find original and authentic items to learn from, I came across the following Links. These are really helpful. System Design: http://www.aosabook.org/en/distsys.html https://engineering.linkedin.com/distributed-systems/log-what-every-software-engineer-should-know-about-real-time-datas-unifying https://www.hiredintech.com/classrooms/system-design http://ksat.me/a-plain-english-introduction-to-cap-theorem  

New experience with an Interview request!

Hello! This morning I got an interview request with some great materials attached with it.   Two really good Git repos to prepare any one for Tech interviews. https://github.com/jwasham/coding-interview-university https://github.com/donnemartin/system-design-primer   Meanwhile, I was looking for university grade graduate level resources on computer science. Found a great lot of tutorials from GT. Thank you Georgia …

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