Be a Rebel ... Or Reliable ... Or Whatever. Who cares!

This is my personal website to air my brain out!!!

What are the things should i do…. why choose…just do it all… one at a time… follow first principle … build your plan… just do it now!


I have billions of it! Ideas I mean!

Corona outbreak disrupted my plans for the trip to Africa & Europe! But I can always go out into the woods! Any ways I do avoid people or crows so, I am safe I guess! I have no idea why people are making Quarantine such a big deal, I feel no difference !
I am writing down all the things in my blogs! I am tired enough to see google, Amazon, Facebook and all those evils out there stealing all my ideas! No one seem to care about it! Its not cool!!! I protest here!

Oh my favorite Books till now!

I do read a lot! They say, more you read the more chance one get of being successful. I studied for 16 yrs and here I am! So, may be a little more study would help me cross the bridge!

My articles

Here you can find my latest articles.
I am no big in writing fat serious stuffs! That’s for my wife! She is a writer! No need to remind me how boring I need to be so that she can choose to write those fat novels! LOL!

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The very first day of lock down I went to Buy a Piano for me! I need to learn to play at least one instrument. Yamaha P45 is a great piano, it sounds just superb!
Apart from that, I went back to my original love, Physics! Quantum computing is a field I found so fascinating, I am just reading it as much as I can. Needless to say the world is now much fascinating than ever!
Also, working on Idea formation! Not sure if this a common term, this is a phase when you read a lot and keep an open mind to accept any logical bull crap! That manure fertilizes the soil to grow something truly remarkable.


Oh, thanks to my spare time I watched a few (Not a great TV person).
1. Asur
2. Silicon valley
3. …

Don’t remember the others, but I am sure I watched at least 3 more!

MAZDA CX – 5 🙂 sorry a bit strong on that point.

Oops, its not that bad, but only thing I would have done differently if not in lock down is – Travel to Africa! And 1 week on a beach front apartment. And … few more thing I guess!

My wife is a pro level cook! Below are few things I liked.

  1. Spaghetti Meatball
  2. Eggplant parmigiana
  3. Biriyani
  4. Lamb shank
  5. Lobster Ravioli
  6. Palang Paneer
  7. Chaat
  8. Laddoo

This could be an endless list! She is just too good of a cook!

Some of the cool articles I read recently

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